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My music video idea for LP’s E2R with HP & POA

Posted by phoenixdragon83 on 08 December 2010

Time in Movie

* added fractional parts throughout for timing

Time in Song


Movie Reference (with time)

00:00 – 01:02

-01:02 to -00:00

We are inside Hogwarts, going down the darkened Corridor by the Great Hall, through the Gryffindor Common Room, up the stairs to the Third
Year boys dormitory; where we find Harry sitting in bed, looking
at the Map. He notices something unusual on the Map – a Muggle,
in the castle – labeled as “Chester Bennington”. He
gets out of bed, puts his shoes on, and investigates. We are now
back down in one of the corridors, lined with portraits. He sees
“Bennington” on the Map, getting closer to him – he
turns, and is now looking in a mirror. The mirror produces an
image – a memory of sorts. We now see Dementors guarding
Hogwarts, music starts when the “memory” is full
screen. [Camera zooms into the mirror]

Prisoner of Azkaban, the scene where Harry sees Petigrew on the Map and investigates. Film cuts to the mirror just before Harry jumps,
startled at the image.

01:02 – 01:07


Play movie scene in reverse

Scene 0:28:34.5-0:28:43

Harry in common Room

01:07 – 01:12


Linkin Park is in the landing area of the Shrieking Shack property. Chester is at the fencing, stage right, of the enterance to the Grounds.
(about where Ron & Hermione were in the movie)

POA (01:01:47 – 01:03:04)

Ron & Hermione at the Shack

Camera angle: like 01:03:00 – 01:03:04 in the movie

01:12 – 01:25


Play movie scene 1 in reverse, but through the window, we see the Gryffindor Common Room. We also see movie scene 2 re-enacted – with Harry
seated in a chair, to the stage right of the fireplace

Scene 1 (00:28:25 – 00:28:34.5)

Scene 2: (Dsk 2 title 18, Ch 1; 00:01:38 – 00:01:49)

01:25 – 01:33


Harry sits by fireplace, singing chorus


See deleted scene “Sirius attacks Ron” 00:01:38-00:01:49 for Harry’s position

01:33 – 01:43


Camera focus on Chester. Chaz is staring toward the Shack. Camera only sees Chester’s head and up to top ¼
of torso

POA, Shrieking Shack landing

01:43 – 01:48


Camera rotates to capture Linkin Park as a whole

Camera angle same as 01:03:00-01:03:04 in POA

01:48 – 2:06


Harry walks through Forbidden Forest, whilst singing the verse


Refer to 00:57:20 – 00:58:25 for location, action

02:06 – 02:15


Camera focuses on Mike as he plays keyboard and sings

Refer to 01:03:00-01:03:04 for location

02:15 – 02:24


Camera pans out to include Chester as he sings, still staring at the Shack

Refer to 01:03:00-01:03:04 for location

02:24 – 02:32


Camera rotates focal points amongst the band members. Band stays in same location throughout video

Refer to 01:03:00-01:03:04 for location

02:32 – 02:42


Harry is now wandering the corridors.

See next line

02:42 – 03:01


Harry continues to walk through the corridors, camera focuses mostly on the portraits – which shows “dark” memories [from “That
fateful night”, the Dungeon (stores-GOF), Chamber,
Dementors, Dusley’s

Corridor = POA

Portraits = COS, SS, POA, GOF, (maybe OotP, HBP, DH1)

03:01 – 03:11


Camera freezes on one portrait – Mike, singing/playing keyboard — Camera zooms on portrait, once frame disappears turns to live


03:11 – 03:19


Switch to Harry sitting on a boulder


Scene after learning Sirius is his godfather / dad’s best friend

03:19 – 03:36


Harry sings bridge whilst seated on the boulder;

He stands as he starts “Change”; While holding note of “Change” switch views


Scene after learning Sirius is his godfather / dad’s best friend

03:36 – 03:56


Camera switches to Chester, also holding the note of “Change”

At “to” (02:38), camera starts shifting focal points amongst the band

Refer to 01:03:00-01:03:04 for location

03:56 – 04:00


04:05 – 04:09




Camera shows band as a whole, but focal point is Chester

Refer to 01:03:00-01:03:04 for location

04:00 – 04:05


04:10 – 04:18




Camera shows Harry, walking through a cemetery whilst singing Mike’s lines

Similar to GOF scene where Voldemort comes back to ‘life’

04:18 – 04:20


Harry walks past a particular headstone

Camera freezes on headstone, Harry continues to walk off screen, as fog rolls in

04:20 – 04:24


We zoom into the stone, and see that it’s Lily & James stone

04:24 – 04:27

The mirror is returned. Harry sees himself. Remaining footage is the film when he
notices Snape on the Map and does “Mischief Managed. Nox”
(includes 2+ seconds of black screen)

Film: 01:14:52 to 01:15:12


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Life Update, month of November

Posted by phoenixdragon83 on 28 November 2010

0030 hrs on Veterans’ Day (11 November 2010)


Amazing how an album can help you with your mood…. Linkin Park’s “A Thousand Suns” is just… perfect right now [on repeat …. the Full Experience track though, so basically, album beginning to end on repeat]


Anywho, as I just tweeted, I’m having an “FML” moment here. I mean, really… what the fuck am I doing here? Working a dead end job (that I am totally burnt out on), moderating LinkinPark.com, smoking, at the cusp of getting evicted every week, stealing food from the dead end job so I won’t go totally hungry, walking everywhere….. [“All I wanna do is trade this life in for something new, Holding on to what I haven’t got.”] … but really? Where is this getting me?


I’ve filled out the FASFA [Federal Application for Student Financial Aid] to get started on getting help in going back to school… but that’s not really gonna help….. I still can’t get to school without a car. I can’t get a car without a better paying job. I can’t get a better paying job without getting a car or a college education. I love how the things I need to better my life are all intertwined and thus, leaves me feeling stuck.


It doesn’t help seeing the (presumed) success in all my friends’ lives….. Families, seemingly successful careers, actually making something of themselves. And where am I, almost 10 years after graduation? Still working food service, Army failure, single, and just, basically no different than I was 10 years ago… except that since I’m not in the protection of my parents’ house, and out in the real-world, it’s actually worse because I have all the responsibilities of an adult, however still working a job that is generally suitable for kids. I’m almost 30 fucking years old here!!!!! [“Floating down, as colors fill the light, You look up from the ground, in fields of paper-white. And floating up, you pass us in the night, a future gazing out, a past to overwrite. So come down, far below, we’ve been waiting to collect the things you know. Come down, far below, we’ve been waiting to collect what you’ve let go.”]


I don’t know what else to write on this, as I’m actually getting kinda lost in “Blackout” right now (the part of the song I just quoted) so I think I’ll just end this and go to bed….


I will close with this, if any of you guys have any ideas on how to go about getting money for school, please post below. If it helps, I would love to go to The Art Institute (either the LA campus or the Chicago campus) and go for Web Design or Graphic Design [leaning toward Web though].


Thanks for bearing with me everyone 🙂


[Continued, 2045 hrs on 28 November 2010]

OK, so I just got talked to today and well, yeah my job’s on the line because Lisa fuckin pissed me off and then I retaliated and now … yeah….. So I may be looking for a new job here soon…. and I’ll need it fast. I can not afford one week of no pay as well, I need the money for the apartment and cigs and food…. so yeah, I may be royally fucked soon.

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Posted by phoenixdragon83 on 13 May 2010

Yeah, so I think I may need to serioisly start trying my damnedest to
start saving money so I can get the fuck out of that house. Chris just
texted me saying “I might as well quit saying [I love you] because
he’s not exactly acknowleging a relationship” … Um, ok? What the
fuck did I do and why the fuck won’t he talk to me about it? I mean,
when I was talking to other guys, he told me I should’ve told him that
there were issues and maybe we could’ve worked things out. Well, that
what we were suppose to have been doing these past 6 months, but he
hasn’t really talked to me; I’ve been behaving and doing all I know I
needed to do to try to fix this, but – oh well.

From what I’ve seen, he’s been hypocritical and verbally abusive so
I’ve been wanting out; but I know it will do no good to try to talk to
him because whenever I do, he just gets defensive and doesn’t take
responsiblity – instead, he gets pissed or throws a pitty party and
shifts the blame to me or someone else.

I just hope I can move out on my terms before he decides to kick me
out. Because if he kicks me out before I have the money, I’ll be fucked.

Right now, my plan is to try to stay enough on his good side that he
doesn’t kick me out – go to Griswold on Wednesday and try to get an
apartment held –
and then start saving like a mother fucker … Only
one major problem – utilities.

It’s almost time for work so I’ll have to possibly write more later.

– Dan / Dragon

Edit: He told me the following night that he still loves me and we may be headed towards making progress again… I’ll try to keep this updated, but as I don’t have my own computer and the iPhone doesn’t like WP that much, I’m limited on when I can blog 😦

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Posted by phoenixdragon83 on 16 April 2010

OK, so I figured I’d give WordPress here a shot… I so need to start blogging again.  I’ll try to work on getting more blogs up later…. for now, I’m just gonna roam around and check this place out.

I’ll eventually get a custom header pic up as well as my other pix… If any of you guys are good with Photoshop and wanna help a brotha out 😛 hit me up 🙂

Later peeps

– Dragon

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