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Posted by phoenixdragon83 on 13 May 2010

Yeah, so I think I may need to serioisly start trying my damnedest to
start saving money so I can get the fuck out of that house. Chris just
texted me saying “I might as well quit saying [I love you] because
he’s not exactly acknowleging a relationship” … Um, ok? What the
fuck did I do and why the fuck won’t he talk to me about it? I mean,
when I was talking to other guys, he told me I should’ve told him that
there were issues and maybe we could’ve worked things out. Well, that
what we were suppose to have been doing these past 6 months, but he
hasn’t really talked to me; I’ve been behaving and doing all I know I
needed to do to try to fix this, but – oh well.

From what I’ve seen, he’s been hypocritical and verbally abusive so
I’ve been wanting out; but I know it will do no good to try to talk to
him because whenever I do, he just gets defensive and doesn’t take
responsiblity – instead, he gets pissed or throws a pitty party and
shifts the blame to me or someone else.

I just hope I can move out on my terms before he decides to kick me
out. Because if he kicks me out before I have the money, I’ll be fucked.

Right now, my plan is to try to stay enough on his good side that he
doesn’t kick me out – go to Griswold on Wednesday and try to get an
apartment held –
and then start saving like a mother fucker … Only
one major problem – utilities.

It’s almost time for work so I’ll have to possibly write more later.

– Dan / Dragon

Edit: He told me the following night that he still loves me and we may be headed towards making progress again… I’ll try to keep this updated, but as I don’t have my own computer and the iPhone doesn’t like WP that much, I’m limited on when I can blog 😦


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